Vaporizers are the recent trends in the smoking industry and when you talk about a clean and risk free method of delivering good quality vapor that will satisfy your cravings for your weed or other herbs, they show up in the arena. Vaporizers in its nature eliminates every avenue of burning or combustion of herbs which results in several health issues. So when you think vaporizers, you think a cleaner smoke. Vaporizers are in different categories or classification, they could be classified by their sizes and that’s when we talk about portables, desktops and vape pens, other classifications could be according to the materials that is being vaporized in them which includes dry herb vaporizers or concentrate vaporizers. There exist other classifications but for these write up we are only concerned with the classification based on the form of plat materials they utilize, which is the dry herb or the concentrates.

We would be comparing between the dry herb vaporizers and the concentrate vaporizers in this article, so get comfortable because this ride is going to be awesome.

Dry herb vaporizers as the name implies are vaporizers that are particularly designed to vaporize only dry herbs or loose leafs. This herb vaporizer could either be in desktop form or portable form, so depending on your lifestyle, you can get your dry herb vaporizers either from a vape shop near your home or online vaping stores. Personally I love the portable dry herb vapes due to my lifestyle since it allows me vaporize my dry herbs on the go. Some very notable dry herb vaporizers includes the volcano, arizer solo, pax 2, davinci IQ etc.

Concentrate vaporizers on the other hand are referred to as vaporizers that help deliver the active ingredients in concentrates (waxes or oils), these vaporizers like dry herb vaporizers can also exist in the form of desktops, portable as well as vape pens. Concentrate vaping is taking over the vaping industry since concentrates are more cost effective than dry herbs and with concentrates vaping, the active ingredients in your herbs is delivered in a full measure. As a result of these, the demand for concentrate vapes is on the increase in the industry today. Some examples of concentrate vapes includes the Arizer v-tower, the kingpen 3-in-1, the Linx Hypnos zero vaporizers etc.

We now get to see in the industry that vaporizers are beginning to feature both the ability to vaporize dry herbs as well as concentrates, though only a few vapes exhibit this attribute effectively. Some of this vapes include the pax 3, the crafty, the firefly 2 and many more amazing vaporizers.

Overall, both dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers are in good demand and they are readily available on vaping store. One advantage of concentrate vapes over dry herb vaporizers is that they tend to be more efficient in delivering the active ingredients of your plant materials, however, dry herb vaporizers are usually easier to use, to clean and maintain.